July 01, 2012

A Six Month Challenge

It has been a hectic week (more on that later)!! I have hardly been home over the past 36 hours except for to change my clothes and brush my teeth, and right now, all I want to do is sleep. But I have an exciting announcement that has to be made today, so I hope this is comprehendible!!

Just doing the little things that I've wanted to do over the past two weeks - cooking, exploring the cafes of Perth, watching new movies and crafting - have made life a little bit more fun and exciting. These are such basic little things though, and I really want to do something bigger! Something adventurous and useful and fun. So, after mulling over the idea for a little while, I have decided that starting today, July 1, and ending in 6 months, on December 31, I am going to undertake an op shopping/thrifting/second hand/vintage (whatever you want to call it) challenge!!

The idea is that for the next 6 months I have to avoid buying anything new as much as possible. Clothes, books, gifts, trinkets all have to be pre-owned, and hopefully, pre-loved! I have a few reasons for doing this, with the first being for fun - to make life a little more interesting and exciting by trying something new. But also, by doing an Op Shop Challenge (which it shall henceforth be known as), I'm being somewhat practical - not buying brand spankin' new clothes and the likes is good for the environment and good for my bank balance (I hope :P). And I have to say, it's also somewhat liberating! As I walked through Fremantle today, past all of the shops that I love, I felt a teensy little bit sad, but the overpowering feeling was this absolute freedom! Some might say it's because I am free from the chains of commercialism :P but for now I'll just say it's almost like because I can't have them, I don't particularly care about them. It's strange, in a good way.

I even started a little early by buying second-hand frames (for only $10!!) instead of completely new glasses, and promise to post a photo as soon as their back from being fitted with new lenses :D

I can't wait to share the adventure with you all!!
Rhi :) xx

Oh and here are a few little photos from my crazy hectic week! One for laughing at, the others just because I can :P

Video Game themed party.
Luigi, Princess Peach & Mario :D
Like the moustaches??

Testing out a new coffee establishment!
The Daily :)

Tim from Black Cherries Espresso in the Fremantle Markets.
Have a grand week everyone!! :)


Cindy said...

Good luck!!! I would fail miserably at this :P haha

bridget anne said...

i love this! i think it's just a fantastic idea. best of luck on your venture, too! xo.

katiecrackernuts said...

Completely doable. My wardrobe is completely op-shopped, save a few staples like a white or black T-shirt. Shoes, yup spectacle frames, all op-shopped. Scarves, accessories, all op-shopped. The house decor is also op shop and much of the furniture. I have a Twitter thing too where I use hashtags to help people hunt down what I need to fill gaps in home and wardrobe. Use #opshopfind to have us all hunting for you. Like, please help me "opshopfind". If you have found something but want to leave it for others tag it #opshopfound (I usually add a pic). For something you've taken, #opshopscore. Spread the word and we'll all help you out.

Ms. Cathy said...

This is a fantastic challenge, good for the soul and wonderful for the environment. I'm excited to see what types of things you buy and bet they are all going to have so much character and cuteness!

Cathy Trails

Tara Marie said...

I love this challenge! Most of my stuff is thrifted..its definatly friendly to your checkbook!lol