July 03, 2012

An Ode to Summer, An Ode to Kinfolk

It hasn't been a very good day. I haven't felt very well and I lost something important (and expensive) and am feeling a little sad about it all. But last night I discovered a collective that has me completely stunned. I spent hours scrolling through the blogs of all those involved - photographers, film makers, musicians, stylists, writers, artists, foodies - and I can't get enough! I have been preoccupied by all of the beauty they have managed to capture all day, and for some reason it just made me feel better. It gave me something to think about that doesn't involve that thing that I left on a bus, or my very sore, bruised-feeling shoulder. I honestly cannot thank them enough!

So, what is this magical wonderland of rad, arty people that it feels like a crime not to share with you?

An Ode to Summer from Kinfolk on Vimeo.

Jessica Comingore

Parker Fitzgerald
Parker Fitzgerald
Matthew Reamer
Michael Muller
Nico Alary
Chris & Sarah Rhoads
Alice Gao
Tec Petaja
It's called Kinfolk, and these photos are just the smallest glimpse of what just a few of the people involved have to offer as individual artists. Imagine this put into a collective, a blog, a magazine, a website, a gathering...

That there are people out there who want to live like this, and who value community excites me to no end, and I can't wait to see where they go (and I can't stop exploring all of their personal blogs!!) Get on it people!

Until tomorrow,
Rhi :)


Ms. Cathy said...

Aww Rhi! I hope whatever it was you left on the bus comes back to you. If not, just know that there are beautiful things out there waiting for you to welcome it! Love that "Ode to Summer" video - - it's beautiful and inspirational :) Feel better!! :)

Cathy Trails

Amanda Rose said...

These pictures are wonderful! I'm sorry your day didn't turn out to well. Keep your chin up, lovie!

Amanda Rose