October 06, 2012

Coffee Crawling: A Thank You Post.

"So myself and a few other cool kids have organised a couple of coffee crawls for charity. We're really excited. You should get excited too. And then buy tickets, because it's for charity, and you get coffee and ERMAHGERD FREE FRENCH PASTRIES!"

NB: Coffee Crawl (event): similar to a pub crawl, but involving espresso bars, cafes & the hardcore consumption of incredible coffee.

Taken from my Pinterest

That little spiel basically sums up the past two days of my life. I've spent them traipsing between Perth & Fremantle, drinking the best coffee on offer in this little city, eating French pastries and hanging out with some of the raddest people around, all while fundraising for my team's Relay for Life effort - an event where members of various teams run around an oval for 24 hours to raise money for the Cancer Council (you can donate here if you want).

After two days of complete & utter awesomeness (although very little sleep), I am seriously in awe of what people will do when you have the courage to ask. My friend Kelsie, who co-organised the event with myself and Nageena, came up with this idea a few weeks ago and so we went to work talking to coffee shops to see who was interested. Almost every friendly neighbourhood barista that we asked gave us an instantaneous yes. 

They gave us discounts and freebies, they spent time chatting to us about the coffee and talking us through the flavours, brewing methods and how the beans are picked, dried & roasted. They brewed the coffee specially for us - we had espressos, cold drip, every type of filter that you can imagine, french press & we even got to try cupping. They answered our questions and didn't seem to mind our insanity once the caffeine began to hit. 

We were also given some super sweet pastry boxes from Martineaus, a French patisserie near our uni, and some salted caramel macaroons, that I expect are highly addictive, from a little shop in the Fremantle markets. As if this wasn't all enough already, the guy behind this amazing organisation called the Shaanti Project, a business devoted to helping women in India, even donated bags to give to our Coffee Crawlers so that they had something with which to carry around their programs & sweet treats.

I can't even begin to thank all of these people enough. To Tanya for coming down to take a couple photos on Friday afternoon, to the op shops & vintage stores who let us come in and have spontaneous photo shoots in their places of business, to those who donated bags, pastries & sweet treats, and to those who let us come into their espresso bars & cafes, and gave us some unbelievably tasty coffee-drinking experiences - thank you so, so much. I know that everyone enjoyed themselves immensely and the money we raised will be going to a place where it is really needed.

And now, for all of you fellow bloggers out there, and everyone who came along, be prepared for the onslaught of photos... which will appear tomorrow, when my brain is no longer addled by caffeine :P

Cupping at Ristretto on Aberdeen

The Shaanti Project bags.
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Black Cherries Espresso & TanyaVolt Photography

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