October 29, 2012

Bits and Pieces: Take 5.

Thanks to Michael for taking this rad photo.
I kind of really like it :D

1 / At the photo shoot - the necklaces Chloe designed (if you wanna see more, you should go to this event) :D
2 / Finished my first B&W roll of film! Hopefully I'll be posting the results soon :D
3 - 8 / A perfect afternoon & evening spent traipsing through Fremantle, eating fish & chips, frolicking in the freezing ocean and rolling down hills.
9 + 10 / Hung out with this dude & his super cool dog after an awesome little afternoon tea (gin) housewarming we went to :)
11 / I love our back garden during the spring time!
12 / The annual Nelson-household garlic harvest.
13 / Procrastinating from essay writing by sketching my stationary.
14 / My desk in the midst of writing an essay. Comparative to the state it's in right now, this looks tidy. Agh!!

And now, I shall return to that essay, which was technically due about 7 hours ago... :P


Amanda Rose said...

I have the same problems when writing an essay! Beautiful photos. Love how you capture the simple pleasures.

Amanda Rose

sonia de macedo said...

Wow your photos never cease to amaze! I especially love the black and white shot and the beachy ones too! And OMG that ferris wheel! Yeee! I could go on and on!

Have a great day Rhi!

My Hideaway said...

Your garden is amazing! I would love to create something similar at my house. :)