October 11, 2012

Do What You Love: Endless possibilities.

I was planning on this post being more wordy - more descriptive and hopefully somehow inspiring to someone out there who has it in their head that this is something they'd like to do as well. But, despite the irony, for some reason I really don't have the words to explain this particular dream of mine, except for to tell you a story.

Asides from the India Project, the thing that I think of when people ask me what I want to do with my life - that gives me a bit of a buzz - is the idea of being a writer. It's the idea of having time to spend longs hours sitting at my desk or in a coffee shop or somewhere at my Aunty & Uncle's farm, writing the tales all of the characters that my mind spends so much time running away with, like these three old ladies...

*   *   *   *   *

There is a feeling of anticipation. The air is almost buzzing. There are girls in short dresses and high heels, trying to stay afloat. Men in rugby jersey's and footy jumpers and men in freshly laundered shirts, wearing cologne. A lone office worker weaves through the crowds, thinking only of the comfort of home. A couple in their late thirties chew gum snidely, feigning youth.

The evening has bought with it cool air and endless possibilities.

The floating girls think of handsome men. The men think of victory. A trio of salty haired, pink cheeked surfers think of sleep.

I walk slowly behind three old ladies who take one step at a time. They've experienced the fast lane, and no longer feel the need to rush. For them, life is something to be enjoyed, savoured. I wish I could share in their wisdom, but I'm still thinking of all the possibilities. The never ending possibilities.

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