October 02, 2012

Do what you love: a reintroduction.

I'm planning on getting myself back into my "Do what you love" series sometime this week. It's been a while (because I got a bit thrown off when this happened), so to get myself back into the swing of things, I've decided to share with you a favourite poem of mine. 

It occupies the first page in my little notebook that is home to 'Things that I might like to do...' and it's responsible for my fairly sudden decision to head over to India earlier this year (and for making sure I went, because there were a few weeks there, before the trip, where it all felt to difficult), so in a strange way, I feel like I owe these words a lot. 

Every time I have an idea, or think of something I might like to do, I go to write it on one of these pages and it really forces me to think about it, to consider if it is a hope or idea that is genuine, or something that is just a passing fancy.

Having said that, I shall go and ponder which dream of mine I shall share with you first. The idea is a little daunting, because I don't usually tell people all of my goals and hopes, but I think that for this, it'll be worth it :)

Over and out.
Rhi :)


Rachael said...

Good advice! I always have dreams but then forget to put plans in place to make them happen.Rx


sonia de macedo said...

OMG Rhi words fail me right now! This is amazing and I hope you won't mind me replicating this for myself - quote included! I have a massive bucklist in my mind that seems to grow at an alarming rate (I blame Pinterest for this!) and a place to physically jot them down seems like a step in the right direction to actually make it happen!