October 18, 2012

Caught on Film: Roll 1

The Pentax is finally working!!! I already said this on my coffee crawl posts, but it wasn't really as emphasised as much as it deserved, because this camera is a babe :P

For what we're going to call my first roll of film, I went through 24 exposures in double time, without thinking about composition and often forgetting to set the aperture, because I thought this roll would just turn up blank like its predecessor and I was just taking photos to make sure it was still broken before I took it back to the repairman. Turns out, it was when I finally stopped bothering about taking nice photos that it decided to work :D 

Still, like I said, this camera is a babe so there were still some lovely photos stowed away in that precious little packet of prints!

A special thanks goes to this guy for all his friendly photo-taking encouragement :)

PS. I've completely failed at crawling into a hole to study up. I figure there'll be time for that next week :P


Couchman said...

These are so great! Now I want to steal my parent's film camera hahahah :D

My Hideaway said...

Yay that it works and lovely photos! I particularly like the last one and the one of the clothes pins. Can't wait to see more pics from this camera. :)

sonia de macedo said...

These are fabulous shots - especially the last image of the barrister. You have a way with coffee LOL!

Good luck with that holing up thingy :o)