October 16, 2012

Bits and Pieces: Take 3 (a day late).

1 / Even though they're cheeky and drop branches on my head, I will always love white- & red-tailed cockatoos.
2, 3 + 4 / Inspired by spring, clouds, amazing street performers & architecture.
5 / Spring Feast at uni - where we eat food from all around the world and revel in the atmosphere.
6 + 7 / Made some new friends. If you can read Swedish or like looking at photos from peoples travel adventures, you should check out their blog.
8 + 9 / Walked around an oval and hung out with uni kids to raise money for this worthy cause (also took a photo for this very cool project).
10 / Drank coffee and pondered the world with Nageena, all whilst wearing hipster vintage boots.
11 / Feared for my life :P

Happy Tuesday! I'm at the pointy end of semester for uni, so this place is going to be a little quiet for the next couple weeks while I manically attempt to finish my essays and study for my tests. I'll still try to stop by to say hello every now and then though :)

Hope you're all well & I shall try to catch up on your blogs in-between assignments because I miss visiting your rad spaces!!!

Over and out :)
Rhi xx

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sonia de macedo said...

Awww I am going to miss your rad posts Rhi - but I get it! Good luck over the next few weeks and I guess we shall hear from you when we do! :o)

Until your next bit of awesomeness, take care! FYI you can continue spamming my wall! I'm really more than a-ok with that!