October 22, 2012

Bits & Pieces: Take 4

1 / Soaking up the spring weather with an outdoor common room.
2 / A Greaser & A Clockwork Orange. I love this photo.
3 / Early Halloween.
4 / Fish & Chips.
5 / Friday's Gig. All the guitars!
7 / Indie heaven. 
8, 9 + 10 / The Paper Kites.
11 / Saturday's Gig.
12 / 4 more colour frames to go & then I get to experiment with black & white film :D
13 / According to my instagram, "a warm spring evening, a smattering of orange blossom petals, a tree full of lemons and some chairs whose stories go beyond even my childhood. I am feeling nostalgic and lazy tonight." I know. I'm a dirty hipster :P

It has been a crazy, crazy week. I've been to two gigs (both involving the same bands and both involving ridiculous amounts of radness - also the purchase of two new EPs!) :D I rocked up to an early Halloween Party as a Clockwork Orange character with Nageena, I have worked 5 days, sat two assessments for uni, eaten a burger, and made an honest start on two major essays. I've started collecting Christmas presents, celebrated a birthday, laughed a lot at drunk people, eaten crepes for breakfast, missed sleeping in my own bed, replied to my emails, gone for a midnight swim, been complimented on my glasses so many times that I've actually lost count, over consumed coffee and apparently, haven't slept.

I don't know how to express the contentedness that has enveloped itself around me, except to say that I feel like I need a long nap, and then to do it all over again.

These are the times that make me feel alive.

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sonia de macedo said...

Oh Rhi what an amazing week! I'm feeling like an old fuddy-duddy reading this and feeling a little nostalgic, yesh! I sound like a boring ol' fart LOL I miss those days where everyone is free to fool around and go on crazy adventures, sigh, anyhoo will continue to live vicariously through you :o)