October 09, 2012

Op Shop Shoot: Coffee Crawling

You read that right - in the middle of our hipster coffee crawl, we decided to have an Op Shop Shoot. This was a part of the day that evoked a lot of laughter, saw the creation of some bizarre outfits, and resulted in myself purchasing a lovely vintage dress and a wool-lined jacket that my Dad tells me is "what boys would've worn in the '80s." I don't think he realised that saying this would only make me love it even more.

Big shout out to Retro Vinnies in Northbridge for letting a bunch of hyper-caffeinated uni students muck around in their shop, as well as to Oh Henry Vintage, who didn't even know we were coming but who encouraged our shenanigans anyway!! I expect this lovely shop is quickly going to become one of my favourites :D

And now, it's photo time!

I don't think I should enjoy photos where the lighting has failed so hard...
But it doesn't stop me from digging it anyway :D

Michael looks too sweet here not to include this photo!

Apologies for the poor quality scans of my film photos scattered in amongst this...and of the iPhone pics as well haha. A decent camera is on the horizon, and I'm hoping to figure out this film scanning business ASAP :P

Until then, news coverage of this coffee crawl has now come to an end, and despite all the effort it took to get these posts together (scanning 3 rolls of film almost killed me! It's what I get for going analogue hahaha), I am actually a little sad to see them go.

Just one last time - I have to do it, a huge, huge thank you to everyone who made this happen. Even in the crazy land that is my imagination I couldn't have pictured these two little events going any better, and I can't wait to see what happens next year.

Hope you've enjoyed them! Don't forget, all these caffeinated adventures were inspired by charity. You can donate here if you like, or just keep those affected by cancer in your thoughts on Saturday & Sunday, when the real shenanigans begin as a bunch of uni students determine to have at least one person from each team walking around an oval for 24 hours. I'm excited :D


sonia de macedo said...

These photos are amazing Rhi! The black and white snaps are my favorite, are they film too? Just amazing. Your shenanigan adventures entice me to create my own hehehe!

Have a great day,

Patricia Ayuso said...

great photos!!! i follow you now ;)
i hope you follow me back because love your blog!!!
kisses prettys

Amanda Rose said...

Wow. wow. looks like so much fun!

Amanda Rose