October 28, 2012

Japanese Subversion: A photo shoot.

On Thursday afternoon I got a text from my friend, who is in her final few weeks of studying fashion, 'Hey Rhi. Any chance you're free 8-12 tomorrow to model for me?' My response, 'Am I ever!?' 

I've been dying to get a chance to wear the clothes Chloe makes since she started this degree three years ago, so even though I have two essays due this week, and a host of other assessments, I kind of couldn't say no. These are for her final lookbook and I think they're pretty freaking awesome!! :D

Not only that, but I got a glimpse at what some of the other girls have made and now I seriously cannot wait until their grad show, Arcadia, in a few weeks. If you're in Perth, you should come (information here). It's gonna be an awesome night! :D


Cindy said...

You look absolutely amazing! And I'm slightly (seriously) in love with that skirt

sonia de macedo said...

What an amazing shoot! Love the make-up and the designs are stunning!